Skin & Account marketplaces

There are several League of Legends market place sites where products and services related to LoL are available to persons interested in buying. Two of the biggest ones are Unranked Smurfs and LoL Skin Shop (both of which offers LoL giveaways in a promotional way from time to time). The services differ a bit but can easily be divided into several different categories. It’s worth to notice that some of these services are frowned upon. It may still be possible to safely buy a smurf-account and play from it but it’s important to know that it might not be.


The smurf-accounts are often leveled up to level 30 which makes the account eligible for ranked play. In addition to this the smurf accounts often come with X champion unlocks.  These offers usually differs between different marketplaces and they also differs in price. Some smurf-accounts come special inventory like skins as well.


The concept of the boosting service has been available in a lot of different games for some time now. This service is purchased to make your account eligible for ranked play or to boost your ranking (ELO, MMR etc.). The price is usually decided by how far you want to boost your account.

Accounts with specific inventory / skins

This service is focused on providing player an opportunity to acquire account-bound skins. What it means is that the selling site, player or market place sells an account with one or more account-bound skins already on the account. Some examples of these skins are listed below:

  • Vintage Championship Riven
  • Black Alistar
  • Pax Jax
  • Pax Sivir
  • Young Ryze
  • Silver Kayle
  • Urf Warwick
  • Victorious Janna
  • Victorious Elise
  • Victorious Morgana
  • Victorious Sivir

The Riot-Ward

The Riot-Ward is an item / in-game skin that replaces the standard ward icon with the well-known riot fist bump skin logo. This item is usually only given out during special events such as Gamescom, Pax and other Riot Games official tournaments.

This item is usually given away by a code which a player can redeem to get the Riot-Ward for their account. So, when marketplaces sell the Riot-Ward you usually get a code to redeem. These codes have also been sold a lot at normal marketplaces like eBay.