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Free LoL codes report – December 2017

It’s Christmas time and Santa is arriving early. That means extra giveaways in terms of skins and champion unlocks!

Riot Games Christmas giveaway

RG just posted an article about the free stuff that they will give away, or as they call it, Free SWAG! They give away a promotional code that gives you both the skin and the champion!

The codes are non-refundable since they are free and the codes are region-specific. That means that the codes are bound to the region where the promotion is running. If you’re feeling generous (it’s Christmas after all) you can giftwrap them and give them to a friend.

The giveaways consists of three champion unlocks (plus an associated skin) and the Hextech Chest. To get the champion unlocks you have to follow Riot Games on facebook, twitter or youtube. The details below explain which champion is connected to which social media element as well as for what regions.

Unchained Alistar – Youtube

Dreadknight Garen – Twitter

Riot Girl Tristana – Facebook

To get the Hextech Chest you need to reach level five. If you already hit level five before the new crafting system launched you should’ve received another reward of equal value.

Go claim the swag at Riot Games forum.