League of Legends betting

League of Legends have been around for a long time and its position as a competitive eSports has only grown stronger during the years. There are leagues, cups and matches running almost 24 hours around the clock. Sites like twitch.tv are showing these matches all the time.
If you played and watched a lot of matches you probably know the game very well which could be very useful if you’re interested in placing bets on LoL matches or competitions.

Bonus codes

There are bonus codes or just regular bonuses for this too. Big betting companies like Unibet and Bet 365 offers bonuses when you sign up an account with them. This is also true for the new, smaller and more eSports-focused betting sites. The bonuses differ a lot from site to site and since this site is focused on LoL Skins and RP-points giveaways we will not compile a list for all the sites and their bonuses here. However, the webpage esportsbetting have very good reviews of the different bookmakers if you are interested in placing some bets on League of Legends.

Bonus codes for Slots

Just as with eSports betting there is bonus codes for slots games. Unfortunately there are no eSport-themed slots yet although many eSports focused betting sites like ArcaneBet and GG.Bet also provide gaming on slots.  There are a lot of different games and quality differs a lot from slot to slot. Actually it’s pretty hard to find the good ones among the thousands of different games and game providers. Slotcatalog is an excellent site for finding the best games and bonus codes and so called “free spins” for these games. I’ve only tried the most popular ones like Starburst, Book of Dead etc.  The bonanza slot is best one I’ve tried so far!

Be aware that gambling can be addictive

Remember that you have to be over eighteen years old to bet real money on League of Legends and gambling have to be legal in your country. You should also be careful when placing bets since it is easy to become addicted for some people.